Autumn Tasks


“Finally your garden with be able to breathe a sigh of relief from the summer heat. Throughout the Autumn months we will be focusing on making sure your garden is looking its best and ready for Winter.

Ash Johnsen
Residential Maintenance Manager


  • Feed lawns with fertilizer higher in Potassium to encourage strong healthy growth prior to winter  (Product: Get High K and Energy turf, Eco Prime emerald)
  • Scarify Couch and Kikuyu turfs
  •  Complete over seeding of shaded turf areas  (Product: Fescue or Rye seed.)
  • Spray turf with pre-emergent winter grass treatments (Products: Barricade, Kerb and Poacheck.)
  • Raise mowing heights


  • Aerate soil by turning it over with a hoe, or deeper with a garden fork. and Treat dry soils with wetting agents. Cultivate thoroughly to ensure water penetrates evenly when it rains.
  • Trim off scale and Fungal disease affected growth around the garden, clean debris from garden to prevent pest and disease over winter.
  • Prepare beds for bare rooted plants such as roses and deciduous ornamentals and fruit trees.
  • Collar around plants and trees to prevent collar rot in the coming months.
  • Re-pot any pot bound plants and re-position sun loving pot plants in warm well-lit areas.
  • Feed all garden plants with a controlled release fertilizer. especially acid loving plants and  citrus to help sweeten fruit. Fertilize natives with a native plant food.
  • Do not fertilize frost sensitive plants as it will promote new growth over the winter months.
  • Trim ferns thoroughly in march to promote new growth before winter.
  • Give hedges a light prune and change from liquid feeding to slow release granular in areas of garden irrigated by driplines which utilises early rainfall.
  • Reduce irrigation run times.


  • Dig over any heavy or clay soils with improvers  before autumn rains make it less workable. Alternatively add soil solver clay plus to the sandy soils.
  • Sow annuals for winter and spring.
  • Tidy ponds and remove pumps if required.
  • Prepare the ground for planting natives and roses from bare-rooted stock.