Autumn Tasks


It’s been a mildly warm summer but  your garden is still breathing a sigh of relief.
During the Autumn months our horticultural- services team will be focusing on making sure your garden is looking its best. We will be concentrating on our autumn tasks as well as any extra works that you feel need to be completed to ensure that your garden is healthy and ready for Winter.

1 Autumn is the time of year to feed acid loving plants. We will also be checking the ph. of the soil.

2 It’s important at this time of year to feed all native plants to ensure strong growth into the Winter months.

3 We will be cutting back grass type plants, removing spent foliage and allowing them to grow and flower in Summer.

4 We will be focusing on treating any fungal diseases present in the garden.

5 We will be applying mulch to your soil so that it is less prone to drying out and the microbial activity is improved.

6 We will be conducting bore water quality assessment and soil testing.