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Five Inspiring Concrete Pool Designs

Thinking of adding a dream pool to your landscape? Concrete pools are flexible, beautiful, and very much in style. We’re only a few months into 2021 and already we’ve got quite a collection of pools to share.

When it comes to designing the right pool for you there are countless factors to consider, including shape, size, finishes and location. From round plunge pools to spa pools and the more traditional rectangles, its important to consider which pool will suit your lifestyle, and of course which one will look best in your space. So, if you’re planning on installing a swimming pool this summer, look no further for inspiration than this selection of fresh concrete pool designs from our award-winning designers.

#1 Circular motifs in heritage Fremantle

circular design Fremantle pool

Curves and rustic finishes throughout the landscape, including a beautiful custom trellis structure, tie this beautiful circular pool to the heritage home. Crazy paving and dense, naturalistic planting balance the sharp contemporary forms of the hardscape.


#2 Whimsical Gooseberry Hill

whimsical gooseberry hill pool

With subtly contrasting finishes and curves, this pool and spa bring to mind a seashell. A creatively planted moat reduces the need for pool fencing. Plants flower seasonally and give a whimsical planting palette. Hardy succulents in striking greys act as accents with lush green perennials. The pathway is flanked by subtle lighting bollards to transform the space into the evening.


#3 California Chic in City Beach

city beach chic landscape design

The design of this pool plays with the elevation of the landscape while negating the need for pool fencing. A smooth, curved concrete finish contrasts with the lush, hardy planting and compliments the soft colours of the rest of the hard structures. The elevation of the pool adds to the experience of being swimming in it!


#4 Infinity Pool & Tiered Spa Overlooking Bushland

infinity pool and spa design

Our own version of the hanging gardens of Babylon, this water feature-laden, multi-tiered, climbing, and hanging landscape is a real wonder. When complete, this infinity pool with a contrasting, built-in spa will overlook a stunning bushland vista, creating the illusion of disappearing into the horizon.


#5 Blade shaped in Dalkeith

Dalkeith pool design

This blade-shaped pool is a unique and stunning addition to this backyard with clever internal seating spots to relax or socialise. Broken out from the rest of the garden by a hedged moat, this show-stopping pool is the crown jewel of this otherwise already regal space.

Feeling inspired? Contact us for a garden design or pool landscaping consultation and we’ll give you advice on how your landscape can be created, overhauled, or improved by careful design. Reach out today for a chat.