A tropical pool and landscape design for a small garden in Mount Pleasant

Landscape Design – Mount Pleasant Landscape

This new landscape design proposes a luxuriant hidden retreat. Tucked behind this Mount Pleasant residence, a small space is expertly utilised to produce the sense of a tropical vacation. Populated with luxe finishes, a tiled concrete pool, and verdant, low-maintenance plantings, this garden represents the year-long stay-cation these busy clients are looking for.

the view across the pool to the alfresco.

A glass pool fence disappears into the landscape, and clever placement and dropped edges give the pool the appearance of extending beneath the surrounding spaces. The wooden planks of the catwalk and lounge space feel natural and open, making a spectacle of the surrounding plantings. The planting incorporates a diverse mix of heights, shapes and colours, but will require minimal maintenance to keep its lush, verdant appeal year-round.

the alfresco area

The space is broken into two linked yet distinct zones for dining and lounging, making it an ideal for entertaining. Day-to-day use of the alfresco space still affords a spectacular view of the lush watering hole, making it a visual feature as well as a functional recreation area.

the shaded pool lounge area

The platform in the pool area is covered by a shade whose design mimics the architecture of the home, and which will eventually mature into a trailing umbrella of greenery. The shade cast introduces a secondary visual interest, casting shadows perpendicular to the boards below, and transforming throughout the day. The space is finished with a beautiful designer outdoor shower.

the pool and surrounding landscape

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