A pool renovation overlooking a river.

Pool renovation project 2

The front garden of the home after completion.

This renovation started with a very impractical rear space with an amazing outlook over the lake. The pool and the seating space in the rear landscape were separated by an awkward staircase. This created total segregation of the pool from the seating area as well as total segregation to both areas from the house. The challenge was to redesign the space to incorporate the living areas of the home with the outdoor seating space. The pool was to be key in the design with the refurbishment of an existing concrete pool in a plaster finish. The pool was the catalyst for the refurbishment and links the usable spaces together. Seating within the pool area and a new elevated deck give wonderful views of the pool and lake. The restructure of the rear landscape also incorporates concealing the pool equipment and pool heater behind a beautiful outdoor shower with cobble paving, surrounded by Elements engineered timber cladding and a frosted shower screen. Millboard composite decking in Enhanced Grain Smoked Oak with frameless glass fencing. Powder-coated steel planters to add greenery to the space in strategic spots. Exfoliated Graphite stone paving and capping to the pool ties the landscape together.

The process of refurbishing the pool included the following:

– Drain pool

– Remove damaged or loose waterline tiles and patch. Tiles that are sound will be de-glazed to allow new waterline tiles to be applied

– Supply and install new step tread tiles to existing steps and seat

– Remove and treat any “drummy” sections in the existing plaster

– Cut around existing in-floor cleaning fittings and remove plaster as required to allow new plaster and glass tiles to be flush with existing fittings

– Apply a scratch coat over existing plaster

– Supply and install Ancona Amalfi Glass mosaic tiles 35 x 35 mm

– Renew all wall mounted eyeball return and suction fittings

– Clean and chemically balance pool on completion