Wembley Landscape – Small Projects

This beautiful Wembley home was burried in the weeds. A bit of a diamond in the rough, buried beneath layers of dead plants and debris was a charming rustic-brick layout. Preparing the property to put on the market, the owners could expect to make an extremely big improvement to the appeal of the house without reinventing the wheel. A significant amount of material was removed in this small renovation. In particular, the removal and replacement of one tree at the front of the property made a marked improvement, as the old tree was obstructing the facade and creating a lot of debris at the front entry. A sea of weeds was removed from both the front and rear gardens, and the beds were replaced and reconditioned to thrive and last with minimal maintenance. Most of the garden’s mature trees were retained, the underlying paving and retaining walls were thoroughly cleaned, and the lawn at the rear was treated and leveled off.



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