Spring Cleaning Your Garden

It’s an exciting time for gardens! This season you can expect a period of serious growth, and hopefully some lovely weather for spending time outdoors. There are a few things we can do to make the most of the season though, and now’s the time to do them. Spring is the time to spray for pests on new plant growth around the garden. A lot of growth happens in spring, so its important to shape deciduous trees now to improve their structure and stimulate some of that new growth.

Pruning – We’ll be  pruning winter flowering plants to encourage new foliage throughout Spring.

Check your irrigation system – In spring we conduct major irrigation checks to ensure good flow rates and pattern of coverage and irrigation run times to suit the season.

Liquid fertiliser – We will commence liquid fertiliser applications to encourage new growth and colour.

Quick release fertiliser – Spring is also the time to apply quick release fertilisers on the garden. These allow your plants to feed in a more natural manner, keeping them healthy.

Slow release fertiliser – Application of slow release fertilisers throughout your garden helps to ensure strong growth throughout the season.

Organic materials – Organic materials are added and worked in to keep up with the nutrient requirements during this period of heavy feeding.