Landscaping Designers Perth

Summer Tips

  • Move less hardy pot plants to shadier areas.
  • Apply wetting agent to lawns and gardens and water in well.
  • Continue dead heading flowers to encourage new flushes.
  • Check reticulation watering days are in keeping with approved days.
  • Shorten rose stem length when dead heading, to keep in check. Fertilise roses regularly.
  • Newly planted seedlings must be kept damp.
  • Use seaweed extracts regularly to address heat stress (soil drench or foliage spray).
  • Tie up tall growing flowering annuals/perennials, sweet peas, foxgloves , Queen Anne’s Lace, Delphiniums, etc..
  • Spray aphids with pyrethrum , as necessary.
  • Watch for fungal problems such as powdery mildew and sooty mould. Apply lime sulphur or copper oxychloride.