Winter Tasks


Protecting your garden against the Winter months is our main priority during this time of the year.  Whilst the plant growth may have slowed, there are important jobs which still need completing.
Over the Winter months your horticultural services team will be concentrating on the tasks listed below, as well as any projects and jobs you feel need to be completed to ensure a quality presentation of your garden come Spring.

1 Winter is the time to complete a hard cut back of your roses. We will also be applying treatments to combat pest and diseases.

Removal of fallen leaves and general debris that may harbour pest, disease or promote rot.

It’s important this time of the year to feed your soil in preparation for Spring. We will be applying some wonderful organic compost products and other soil additives.

We will be lightly cultivating your soil to improve air and water movement through the soil profile. We will also be in contact with you about mulching or planting suggestions.