A contemporary landscape with a tiled pool and simple layered planting

On the fence

Fencing options for your outdoor space


Advantages: the evolution of glass fencing has seen it become sleek and elegant with most appearing to be floating anchored with two insignificant footing for each frame. Usually used for pool areas and gardens, it provides uncompromising views and outlooks.

Disadvantages: The sleek and elegant appearance does come at a cost and requires regular maintenance to ensure the glass is kept clean.


Advantages: Timer fencing is very common, it looks good, it’s easy to construct and its relatively cost effective.

Disadvantages: Timber fencing just like another wood feature, is susceptible to the natural elements and therefor can succumb to rotting and aging much sooner than other options. In order to keep them looking their best, they will require ongoing maintenance.

PVC fencing

Advantages: If you want the classic, Timber fence feel without the decaying nature, then PVC fencing is the perfect solution. Made from synthetic plastics, it offers a range of classic wood looks with increased durability.

Disadvantages: It comes with a high cost point due to increased durability and man made construction. It also expands and contracts with heat which can cause it to become brittle over time and slightly effected by weather.


Advantages: metal fencing is cost effective and easy to install, and can be done as a DIY job. The large range of colour and relatively durable materials makes it a very common choice.

Disadvantages: Although they are usually a solid form, they don’t actually reduce noise and are susceptible to dents and rusting over time.


Advantages: Brick walls offer a premium look and increase security, choosing to have a render finish created a sleek canvas that frames the outdoor areas. Due to its built characteristics, it also assists in significantly reducing noise from adjacent road or noisy neighbours.

Disadvantages: The complex installation means higher costs and longer construction periods and council approvals required. Rendering also comes at an additional cost.