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TDL’s small projects and garden renovations team specialises in simplified landscape projects that require no planning approval. This service is ideal for clients who are working with a home builder who is providing the built structures of the landscape or for those seeking to refresh their garden by replanting, repaving, adding reticulation, turf and/or edging to their landscape. TDL’s small projects are typically simpler and faster than full service design and construction jobs, with a streamlined process and without the lead times of council applications and approvals. Talk to us today to discuss your project, and whether it is eligible for completion by our small projects and garden renovations team.

Our Small Projects and Garden Renovations services

planting, reticulation and turf
Planting, Reticulation and Turf
  • Soil preparation
  • Mulching
  • Reticulation
  • Planting
  • Turf care
  • Natural and Artificial Turf
  • Courtyard landscapes
    Pavements, Fencing and Ornamentation
  • Pavements and decking
  • Fencing and screening
  • Hard surface cleaning
  • Ornamentation procurement and installation
  • Letterboxes
  • Pots and sculptures
  • Lighting
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    Tim Davies Landscaping brochure about our garden landscaping work and process.
    Garden landscaping.

    Why TDL

    Our residential gardening renovations team, specialise in projects that can be quickly designed and built. Whether you’re working with a home builder, or have an existing garden requiring demolition works and renewal, our garden renovations and small projects team can help to transform your outdoor space. Our garden renovations in Perth range from simple replanting to full garden transformations. TDL’s combined design, construction and maintenance service uniquely equips us with the knowledge to handle a broad range of project scales. Renovations may include garden landscape design and horticultural advice, soil improvements, planting and mulching, natural or artificial turf, irrigation, paving and edging, pots, sculptures, and more. If you’re looking for larger scale design and construction works, take a look at our landscape design page, or contact us to discuss your project further.

    Start Your Journey

    Garden renovation projects

    We are an award-winning landscape design practice producing award winning outdoor spaces and gardens. Our portfolio of work continuously pushes the boundaries of innovation and excellence.

    How it works

    If you’re simply looking to refresh your garden with new paving or planting, you may be best served by our small projects team. This team can also be ideal if you’re building a new home, and the builder is providing the hard elements of your landscape. If you’re looking to start from the ground up, redesign and rebuild your garden, or if you’re looking for major structures like, pergolas, outdoor rooms, pools or carports, then our full-scale approach is more likely to be right for you, visit our landscape design page to learn more about our full design and construction approach.

    • Step 1 - Consultation

      Our small projects manager will visit you at your property and find out what you’re looking to do, and what is feasible at your property. They’ll also offer you advice and assistance with any queries you may have about your garden or the landscape process. Our initial consultation will help us to determine exactly what should be done, and to provide an estimate of fees and timeline.

    • Step 2 - Project Estimate

      An estimate is drafted outlining your requirements and the actual or anticipated costs of the landscape elements.

    • Step 3 - Finalisation & Quotation

      Once the proposal is agreed, we'll provide you with a timeline for start and completion, and get to work preparing the project. This is the stage during which we'll produce a plan (if necessary), and procure the requisite materials and trades for the job.

    • Step 4 - Construction

      Your small projects manager will schedule the final start date and get to work on site! We'll keep you informed of how the project is progressing, and walk you through the landscape when the project is finished.

    • Step 5 - Handover & Maintenance

      Your outdoor space is officially complete! If required, we will also put together a maintenance proposal to ensure your garden matures quickly and continues to look its best all year round.

    What our clients say

    My wife and I have always wanted a garden makeover on our front and back gardens, and we are glad we got TDL to do the job. They were very professional and knew exactly what to do from the first moment we had our meeting. We told them what we wanted for our gardens, and they were able to propose the appropriate recommendations based on our budget. We are extremely happy with the work carried out by the team.
    Michael | Client
    We totally recommend TDL! The small projects team have delivered a fantastic front yard makeover for us. Very friendly & professional. Thanks so much!
    Blair & Anne Ashton | Clients
    Had such a wonderful experience start to finish with Vin and his wonderful team. The garden exceeded my expectations and Vin took so much time to work through details and advice with me. The team were great (and oh so patient with the attempts of Claude the cat to "help" them work). Follow up requests for advice long after completion have been no trouble. A really lovely experience and a beautiful result.
    Sacha McCulloch | Client