Pools for Relaxing, Entertaining & Rejuvenating

A pool can be your inviting garden centrepiece, create the hub of family life, and/or be the backdrop of unforgettable memories for its users. We know that the scope of impact a pool has on its users comes down to design. That’s why we specialise in concrete pool design & construction, offering our clients a cohesive, flexible and functional design alongside durable, high-quality construction.

TDL creates show-stopping pools that invite the most use and create the best memories. Our life-oriented design philosophy means that a Tim Davies Landscaping pool and garden can transform homes and lives, find out how.

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New Pools

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Pool Renovations

Our Pool Landscaping services include:

Custom Pool Design | Concrete Pool Construction | Fiberglass Pool Installation | Pool Lighting | Pool Fencing | Pool Surrounds | Pool Water Features | Pool Heating | Poolside Planting | Pool Renovations

The ultimate swimming pool designs

If you are in the exciting position of considering pool landscaping ideas then you need the assistance of the best pool landscaping team in Perth. We are here to enhance and expand upon your ideas and then make them a reality. Whether your design for a swimming pool is to be minimalist or a statement centrepiece of the landscape, we can create the perfect pool for you. If you'd like to see some of our pools and gardens, you will  find many in our residential gallery or by visiting our instagram or facebook pages.

Stunning Modern Pool Designs

Our reputation for creating outstanding modern pool designs is second to none. We work tirelessly to create the ideal pool for your landscape and lifestyle. We are incredibly proud of our high standards and commitment to producing innovative and functional pool designs that we can, in line with industry standards.

To bring your pool landscaping ideas to life, or to receive some guidance before making a decision, please contact our pool landscaping team today to find out more.  

Together with our pool design and construction service we also offer poolside landscaping ideas and services, to turn your existing backyard or front yard pool into your personal slice of paradise.

If you would like to discuss the possibilities of receiving a design for a swimming pool with us, please use our quick and easy online contact form and someone will get back to you as soon as possible.

Our team will be happy to discuss pool landscaping designs and construction with you and can also arrange your first consultation.