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The design and construction (D&C) contract is a modern alternative to the traditional method of principal-led design development followed by a construct only contract.

Design and Construction contracts are increasingly being chosen across construction fields in WA, particularly the landscape industry. TDL possesses strong awareness of the design and construct methodology through exposure to these contracts via developers, builders and project management teams.

Tim Davies Landscaping is proud to have some of Perth’s leading commercial landscape designers among our team. Their creativity and results-driven attitude never ceases to amaze us or our long list of satisfied clients. From generating landscape design ideas for commercial buildings to the full process of landscape design and construction, you could not be in better hands.

Our landscape design & construction services

commercial landscape architecture
Landscape Architectural services & Project Management
  • Design development and documentation
  • Planning, scheduling and execution
  • Mobilisation of workforce and supplies
Soil conditioning & mass planting
Soil conditioning & mass planting
  • Soil conditioning
  • Mass green stock planting
  • Vertical gardens
  • Edible gardens
  • Mulching
concrete and pavements
Concreting, Pavements & decking
  • Driveways
  • Carparks
  • Pathways
  • Common areas
  • Decks
Planters, walls and structures
Planters, Walls & Structures
  • Bespoke planter boxes
  • Boundary and dividing walls
  • Retaining
  • Shade structures
  • Furniture
irrigation and lighting
Irrigation & Lighting
  • Pipe and wire pre-lays
  • Sub surface / overhead irrigation
  • Irrigation controllers
  • Exterior lighting
turf and green stock
Turf & green stock
  • Natural and artificial turf
  • Green stock contract growing
  • Tree transplanting

Why design & construct?

  • Timeliness

    One of the most advantageous elements obtained from a combined design and construction project is in the savings. While the traditional method of design teams producing 100% detailed documentation and handing it over to another construction team has its distinct benefits, the process is often exhaustive and time consuming. This is reflected in additional costs consumed on consultant design fees. By comparison, a D&C approach is more agile, enabling a quicker time to market as builders are engaged earlier once the brief has been established and concept designs drafted. It also allows for faster trouble-shooting, and resolution of problems that may arise as the project is realised.

  • De-Risking the Project

    Transferring their design and other project risks to TDL, the client essentially reduces risks which would be borne by them in a traditional model. Errors or omissions occurring through the project become the ultimate responsibility of the design and construction team, rather than something the client must manage. By transferring this accountability, the Design and Construct contractor is incentivised to ensure a more efficient and problem-free delivery.

  • Innovation

    Our landscape architects and construction teams are experts in their respective fields, and harbor a wealth of knowledge when it comes to feasibility, materials and contemporary construction technologies. Through the design and construct process, TDL adds value by ensuring highly detailed components can be constructed as intended, while providing the added benefit of a cost control function. By providing real time construction budgeting, we can instill confidence with the client that their design will comply with their budget.

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Commercial Landscape design and construction projects

We are an award-winning commercial landscaping design and construction practice, producing award-winning outdoor spaces and gardens. Our portfolio of work continuously pushes the boundaries of innovation and excellence.

As experienced commercial landscape designers, you can be confident that your project is in safe hands with TDL. Whether you’re generating landscape design concepts for commercial buildings, civic spaces or anything else, we are here to help.

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