Popular Landscape Design Features For 2020

Popular Landscape Design Features For 2020

As the years come and go, so do tastes in landscape design. This year has been an interesting one. We’re fortunate enough to be able to afford some insight into the beautiful garden features that have been in high demand this year. Some of these have been consistently in vogue for a time. Others have fallen into favour more recently. Regardless of their trending status, we are huge fans of these garden features. Every time a client requests one we’re delighted. These are some of the most popular garden design centrepieces, touches and finishes for 2020.

a fire pit in a conversation circle.

Fire Bowls and Conversation Circles

As people look to extend their living space outdoors they’re taking the fireplace with them. We’re seeing a spike in interest in fire bowls this year. Often fire bowls are the centrepiece of a circular seating arrangement or conversation circle. They create a great space for toasting marshmallows and having late night talks. A fire bowl can be a great addition to any backyard, warming up chilly evenings and creating a focal point for the landscape.

A pool with a planted moat

Raised Pools & Moats

Designers and residents are always looking for ways to make the pool fence disappear. This is one of our favourites. A raised pool can be a great way to reduce the need for pool fencing. Raised and moated pools get to be the centre of attention with no fencing obstructing the view. In cases of glass fences, moats allow for less glass to clean and maintain. Dropping the level of the ground around the pool area can create an open feel, while still addressing safety concerns. Who wouldn’t want to see their beautiful new pool clearly? We don’t see this technique losing appeal any time soon.

glistening tiles in a concrete pool

Tiled Pools

Tiled pools have long been thought of as a luxe finish. As it becomes more affordable to tile a pool, we’ve seen a massive increase in the number of tiled pool requests we’re getting. Tiled pools are beautiful, comfortable and durable, and provide ample opportunity for creativity. The design flexibility of tile presents a chance to turn your pool into an artistic design centrepiece.

an earthy, naturalistic landscape.

Contemporary Biophilic Design

Many people are embracing a trend towards more biodiverse garden and landscape design, this year we’re seeing increased interest in designs that carefully balance modern structures and shapes with natural, relaxed and low maintenance plantings. Forgoing rigid order for something that goes with the flow. People might find that mixed planting can make a better simulation of being out in nature, an experience many of us missed during the locked down period earlier in the year.

An extension brings the outside in.

Outdoor Rooms/ Kitchens

Outdoor rooms and kitchens have always been popular in Australia, we are blessed with weather that allows us to spend time outdoors most days of the year. Maybe increased desire to create outdoor ‘rooms’, can be put down to COVID introducing a little more claustrophobia into our lives, or maybe we’re just spending our holiday budgets to create holidays at home.

an eclectic vertical garden planting.Vertical Gardens
Green walls come in all styles and sizes and are a great choice for those of us with a plant appetite that’s bigger than our horizontal garden space. This is one of our favourite trends from recent years. Green walls and garden roofs have come in and out of fashion but for us the trick is to stay creative, green walls can be soft, varied, and organic, and make great accents to the rest of a landscape.