cobblestone paving in mosman park garden

How Landscaping Adds Value to Your Home

The real impact of landscape design and landscaping on property value and home running expenses is a topic of keen interest, particularly in places like Perth, where we are able to enjoy outdoor spaces virtually year-round. Many indicators suggest that well-maintained gardens, pools and outdoor spaces may significantly influence both the sale price and time on the market of a property. Though it’s not possible to put a figure on the impact of every dollar spent on a home’s eventual sale price, we can look at some of the ways quality landscapes can affect not only the value of a home but also its ongoing running costs. Let’s delve into how strategic landscaping practices can enhance the value proposition of homes in Perth, drawing from the available evidence and local insights.

cobblestone paving in mosman park garden

Curb Appeal: A Key Driver of Property Value

You may have personally experienced the impact of curb appeal on property values without even realising it. Frequently it is assumed that renovations to the kitchen and bathroom are the most effective in appealing to buyers – but first impressions spell the difference between a potential buyer passing your property by or attending your home open with interest. In Perth, where the allure of well-manicured gardens harmonises with the natural landscape, investing in landscaping or garden care can yield substantial returns for not only your own enjoyment of your home but its potential future sale. It is now widely agreed that strong Curb appeal can have an outsized impact on the initial impressions of potential buyers, ultimately influencing the perceived value and marketability of a property.

Climate-Conscious Design: A Pragmatic Approach

Perth’s Mediterranean climate necessitates landscaping strategies that are resilient to heat and water scarcity. Incorporating native or robust plants and water-efficient irrigation systems can enhance sustainability and minimise maintenance costs. By aligning landscaping practices with climate realities, homeowners can not only bolster property value but also appeal to increasingly environmentally conscious buyers. This is also a particularly beneficial approach for those who do not have a lot of time to spend in the garden keeping needier species looking good.

Outdoor Living Spaces: Adding to the functional area of your home

There is a lot to be said for the impact that additional living spaces can have on a property’s appeal and value. Well-designed and high-quality outdoor amenities, such as patios and pergolas, can be considered part of the home and can extend the functional living space of a property and enhance its market appeal. In Perth, where alfresco living is ingrained in the lifestyle, investing in outdoor amenities can be a strategic move to attract buyers and command premium prices. Well-designed pools and pool landscaping can add a significant amount of appeal as well, but it’s worth noting that pools can be polarizing as they appeal to a specific group of buyers. A poorly designed or built pool may do more harm than good, as they are a particularly costly landscape element to repair, remove or renovate – with big ticket items like pools, it’s especially important to do the job well.

Sustainable Landscaping: A Growing Imperative

The shift towards sustainable living has prompted homeowners to prioritise eco-friendly landscaping practices. Properties featuring sustainable landscaping elements, such as rainwater harvesting systems and native gardens, appeal to a broad range of buyers and signal that your property is prepared for the future. By embracing sustainability, homeowners not only contribute to environmental conservation but also enhance the marketability and value of their properties in Perth’s real estate landscape.

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Professional Landscape Design: Maximizing Returns

While DIY landscaping endeavors can be tempting, it is likely that professional landscape design yields superior results in terms of property value enhancement. It is hard to over-emphasise the value of expert guidance in plant selection, layout design, and hardscape construction. By investing in professional expertise, homeowners in Perth can optimise the aesthetic appeal and market value of their properties, positioning them competitively in the real estate market while avoiding costly mistakes.

Get the most out of your next sale

The nexus between landscaping and property value is well-established, with research offering valuable insights into the impact of outdoor aesthetics on sale prices and time on the market. In Perth, where the natural beauty of the surroundings is a defining feature, strategic landscape design practices can elevate the value proposition of homes. By leveraging market evidence and local insights, homeowners can harness the potential of landscaping in Perth to command premium prices and expedite property sales in Perth’s dynamic real estate market.