Residential Garden Maintenance

Award-Winning Garden Maintenance In Perth

We believe every garden has the potential to be beautiful, it just needs the right care and attention. Our team of passionate horticulturalists commit themselves wholeheartedly to the highest standards of garden tidiness and aesthetic beauty, backed up by knowledge of the latest pruning techniques and pest and disease control.  From the complex to the simple, we are able to deal with all aspects of gardening practice.

Our Garden Maintenance Services

Pruning & Hedging
Frequent pruning and trimming of your plants not only keeps them in shape, but keeps them healthy too. The removal of dead, damaged, and diseased plant growth will improve the plant health and help the flowers and foliage to last longer.

Pest & Disease Control
There are a number of methods we use to minimise the effects of pest and disease in your garden depending on which pests we need to target. Carefully considered sprays may be used to control certain outbreaks in combination with proactive solutions for prevention.

Soil Conditioning & Mulching
Improving the health and fertility of the soil will ensure your plants are vibrant and full of vitality. We want to ensure your garden looks fantastic all year round with minimal effort and water usage.

Bore Installations, Repairs & Testing
Bore water is ideal for your garden and can help you save on your water bill. We can supply and install new bores or get your existing bore working at an optimal level.

Weeding & Fertilising
Using the latest in eco friendly pesticides and equipment, our team will remove pesky weeds with minimal fuss and effort while making sure the plant life that is remaining, is thriving and full of vitality.

Irrigation Repairs & Upgrades
We can tailor an irrigation network solution for you including drip irrigation, irrigation controllers, valves and pipework, and sub surface irrigation

Tim Davies Landscaping brochure about our garden maintenance work and process.

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Why TDL?

  • Passion

    Our staff are hand-picked for their genuine passion for gardening and their high standard of work ethic. They have the experience and qualifications to back up this enthusiasm and love to see your garden thrive under their care.

  • Encouraging Healthy Soil

    The more we feed your soil, the better and healthier your garden grows! We use manures, blood and bone and soil structure additives to create an environment conducive to worm activity and to encourage beneficial microorganisms into your garden. Soil pH is a key element too.

  • Care and Attention to Detail

    We are continually looking at the big picture for your garden. This means getting all the small things right along the way! It is more than just knowing how to hedge a shrub – it is knowing how that shrub fits into the rest of the garden space.

  • Regular Reliable Service

    We visit your garden on a carefully managed, regular basis. You can count on us to be there when we say we will.

  • Feedback

    We keep you up to date on what we have done in your garden on every visit through our comprehensive service report provided with your invoice.

Residential garden maintenance projects

Every garden has the potential to be beautiful, it just needs the right care and attention.
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What our clients say

Having just built our own home for the first time, it was very important to us that we had the perfect garden to compliment the design of our house and also make the most of our tricky block. TDL were the exact right choice. Professional, creative and diligent - we also love the fact that they are a one stop shop and could coordinate the whole project. We receive daily compliments about our beautifully designed and healthy garden from neighbours and passersby - so thank you TDL!
Kitty Prodonovich | Client
TDL has been looking after our garden for more than a decade. From the first they have shown themselves to be professional, reliable, and have earned our respect for their responsive team members. This applies to everyone from the work teams, the designers, and the individuals dealing with office administration tasks who have all performed at the highest level." ... "Whatever the circumstances have required, TDL has come through for us time and again. I can and do recommend them wholeheartedly.
Mindy Green | Client
Tim and the team at TDL designed and built our garden a couple of years ago, it was a pleasure working with the design team to see our dream come alive and with the maintenance team to make sure our garden stays in tip top shape. Thanks TDL team!
Tash Lie | Client