A photograph of Myoporum parvifolium flowers

Native Plants To Grow In Your Perth Garden

Native gardens are enjoying something of a cultural moment. Growing awareness of their ecological benefits intersects with a recent shift in aesthetic tastes in favour of natural Australia. Many of us seem suddenly aware that we are both lucky to be at home where we are, and also responsible for our community and environment. Planting natives in your garden can be a celebration of and tribute to the land that feeds & houses us and an acknowledgement of its history. Native gardens are water wise, provide habitat for wildlife and pollinators and can be stunnigly beautiful and easy to maintain. We commonly use native plants in our gardens, particularly in coastal areas. Here are some of our favourite native plants to grow:

Casuarina glauca ‘Cousin It’ – It lives up to its name, unusual, hard to kill, and well… hairy. This oddly beautiful native makes excellent ground cover, draping itself over obstacles & adding grassy alien appeal wherever it grows.

Carpobrotus virescens – This succulent coastal shrub attracts birds and lizards, after maturing, it produces fruit. The fruit of the Karkalla is versatile & interesting, and bright red when ripe.

Myoporum parvifolium broad leaf – This beautiful, dense ground cover has soft green foliage and offers beautiful, bird attracting, star-shaped white flowers from late spring to early autumn.

Leucophyta brownii – Also known as Cushion Bush, this plant is a flowering coastal shrub. With it’s silvery colour and tiny round flower clusters it adds interest and texture to a garden. This bush can be hedged to shape, but naturally grows in a round ‘cushion’ shape.

Ficinia nodosa – The Knobby Club-rush is grassy and versatile. Sporting attractive spiky heads in winter, this plant is well placed around ponds and bodies of water, but also grows well in dry soil.

Westringia fruticosa – Known as the coastal rosemary (for its appearance alone) this is another coastal shrub. It sports charming hairy white flowers against dark foliage throughout most of the year.

Hardenbergia violacea – A hardy, flowering evergreen climber, Hardenbergia violacea is actually a member of the pea family. It offers up stunning masses of purple flowers in winter and spring.