A seating area in a contemporary tropical landscape, pool and seating area.

Outdoor Styling with Cosh Living

We talk to Cosh Living about considerations and trends for outdoor living pieces;

  1. Could you describe what the word “flow” means to you and how this can be incorporated between the internal and external living spaces?

I think of flow as referring to how an overall space is connected across indoor & outdoor. A home should be considered as one big space and then broken down in to different zones which are styled to reflect the home owner’s personal taste. Function should come first, followed by good styling and a cohesive palette of colour, tones & textures. If a space is well considered from the beginning, and all aspects of design well selected, then it feels effortless. Balance and harmony are created without anything feeling forced or out of place.

  1. What are some things to consider when choosing furniture for the space? (style, shape size etc.)

The first thing to be considered is how do you use this space? Function is the most important. Some like to lounge on a sofa, where as others prefer to sit at dining height – this will ultimately define what furniture you need.

Once function has been confirmed, then spatial planning is important. Choosing a layout of furniture that compliments the space but is also the most practical.

Selecting the furniture is a personal choice as everyone has different taste– using mood boards so you don’t get overwhelmed is a great idea for this. I always recommend getting the Design Consultant to do a site visit and put together scaled floor plans to make sure everything fits.

Finally finishes & fabrics. These should be based on the overall scheme of the home, and create a sense of cohesiveness. Each different area can be a different tone & texture but should somehow connect back to the other spaces.

  1. Seasons come and go, how can we ensure that our outdoor styles suits and enhances its use for each season.

Invest in good quality pieces that are based around longevity. Trust your own style and select pieces you like, not based on what’s currently on trend. Trends are moving faster than ever – you need to like what you purchase in 10 years.

  1. How do you get the most out of accessorising in the outdoors, and what are your favourite colour and textures at the moment?

I love outdoor lighting and soft furnishings. There’s beautiful outdoor lanterns available now that have solar panels so they recharge themselves during the day.
At night they make your home feel like a hotel.

An outdoor rug is also a great way to soften an outdoor space and create a new texture. Outdoor cushions are not what they used to be too – gone are the hideous orange and blue cushions. With outdoor manufacturing of fabrics moving so fast, you can achieve a stunning high end look with outdoor cushions.

I love natural materials, especially timber & stone. So always think teak is a nice way to soften an outdoor space. I often suggest keeping the main upholsteries neutral to allow for longevity and inject some colour and fun with the accessories.

  1. When considering lighting what are some things that need to be considered.

The colour of the light – a warm light is always going to create a more inviting feel to a cool light.

Layer different kinds of lighting – down lights are practical but some hanging outdoor lanterns and then come big hurricanes with candles in them on tables create a feeling of opulence.

  1. What is the best way to decide on a theme/style for your outdoor furniture?

It should be a continuation of the home itself and an extension of the person. A home should reflect the taste of the people who live in it.

  1. Is it possible to maximise and style small outdoor spaces without minimising the usable space (Furniture pieces)?

Definitely – you have to be creative. Seating like outdoor upholstered ottomans which can also be used as side tables and foot stools are great.

Modular sofas don’t always offer the most seating as no one wants to sit in the corner, so for small spaces a 2 or 3 seater with small lounge chairs can be more practical and less bulky visually.

A bench seat instead of dining chairs is another great option which can be tucked under the dining table when not using.

  1. Any other comments you would like to add or think would be useful/interesting.

Base your furniture selections on your own lifestyle. Everyone enjoys the outdoors differently so your space should bring you joy and also encourage you to be in it as much as possible.
Invest in good quality pieces that will last the rough weather conditions, but also your own ever-changing taste.
Don’t buy based on what is on trend, buy based on what you like and who you are. You’re a different person now to 10 years ago – invest in pieces you’ll still like in 10 years.

Mood lighting and good creative landscaping are incredibly important for ambiance and a luxury resort feel.