Perth Zoo Wetlands

Constructed in 1970, the Main Lake, the feature entry point to the Perth Zoo, was due for refurbishment and filtration enhancements. The refurbishment of this area and adjacent Wetlands Exhibit was intended to represent thematically a natural wetland environment, to promote sustainability, and create a unique experience for visitors. The Main Lake works comprised the refurbishment of the existing lake floor and hydraulic systems, and the construction of new raised and flush level horizontal flow wetland treatment systems, frog ponds, feature fencing and handrails, and a discovery trail for visitors to explore, including dry creek beds and bridges over pathways. Surrounding areas were newly paved and furniture installed, to create a sense of place and wayfinding for visitors.

A total of 3,000 wetland filter plant species were instated, with particular species along the edges of the lake softening the barrier and creating a more natural environment. This, along with stepping stones through the shallow part of the lake allows visitors to interact more closely with the natural world. A new lake circulation system, including water treatment through the wetland systems, was installed to resolve ongoing algal bloom issues whilst enhancing the visual amenity and providing habitat to a new naturalised system. The selected wetland plant species were chosen for their ‘exotic’ appeal providing abundant floral displays from spring through autumn and provided a contrast to the existing ‘Australian Wetland’ exhibit some distance away.

This project is a 2021 Landscape Industry Awards of Excellence Winner.




Perth Zoo

TDL Services

  • Site preparation, temporary fencing, demolition, earthworks
  • Supply and install stone and masonry
  • Install modular paving
  • Supply and install of rockwork as detailed and specified
  • Supply and installation of hydraulics as specified
  • Planting of all trees/shrubs
  • Supply and installation of furniture
  • Supply and installation of gravel, mixes, soils and mulches
  • Supply and install electrical works
  • Removal and replacement of existing calking from all lake floor construction jointing
  • Supply and installation of concrete works
  • Supply and installation of steelworks
  • Supply and install liners
  • Install Flygt/Grungfos Pump systems
  • Supply and install fencings and gate
  • Supply and install faux bridges and handrails
  • Supply and install dry creek bed and frog pond