Claremont on the Park

The project consisted of 3 major portions linking both of the newly constructed apartment towers internally and externally, the interaction with the boundary of the Claremont Tigers Football oval and the existing streetscape. The project had several elements of environmental risk/difficulty:

Working within the Swan River

Critical to the project scope was the revetment of the embankment on the Swan River. Being an environmentally sensitive tidal area, TDL adopted a cautious and methodical approach to ensure the works were executed with minimal disruption to the area. Works were planned in accordance with the tide, including allowance for time contingencies should the tides be affected by other factors (eg weather). Plant and equipment was cleaned and free of deleterious material each day, and all construction rubbish was accounted for and disposed of off site.

Public Interaction

The construction period coincided with 2 major WA events. Firstly, a West Coast Eagles football game and secondly a series of public holidays (Easter/ANZAC Day). The area under construction is both highly visual and highly trafficked, especially with members of the public enjoying walks along the riverside, as well as using the bridge link for access and egress to the city. TDL adopted a similar specialist approach that served well at the Claremont on The Park project. Deliveries were scheduled tightly to ensure continuity of works with minimal public disruption, dust suppression was increased to avoid airborne dust pollution, and works were scheduled tightly to ensure milestones were hit efficiently.







TDL Services

  • 1500m3 of imported fill
  • 1500m2 of garden bed and planting
  • 1850m2 of exposed aggregate concrete
  • 240 lineal meters of brick retaining walls
  • 500m2 of paving
  • A 7 floor custom made green veil system consisting of 52 custom steel
  • balustrade planters and over 1.5km of trellis wire
  • 5 custom build shade structures