Floreat Backyard Landscape

Subtly contrasted behind a character home in Floreat this contemporary rear garden is a series of functional, well connected spaces.

A raised timber deck sits beneath a cantilevered pergola creating a large alfresco area before spilling out onto a generous lawn.

Beyond the alfresco is a tranquil fully tiled concrete pool ensconced within a hedge of Viburnum Suspensum. This hedge sits within an isolating ‘moat’ negating the need for a traditional pool fence, which creates an uninterrupted connection between the lawn and the pool area.

Flanking the pool area is a long vertical screen with a built-in seating ‘window’. Existing foliage hangs over this screen giving the built form an established sense of belonging. Beneath this lush greenery resides a custom-made brass and copper outdoor shower.

At the foot of the pool a prized mulberry tree provides a stunning backdrop to the garden and is reflected in the pristine turquoise water of the pool. This inviting colour is achieved by using a white pool tile.



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