Willeton Project

After a significant extension and renovation of an existing home in Willetton, the landscape surrounding the home needed a thorough makeover. Nominating which existing plants and trees would remain, we set about redesigning the landscape to better suit our clients lifestyle. The front garden on an awkward slope was totally redesigned to introduce a formed concrete staircase to re align pedestrian access to the front door of the home. A curved limestone retaining wall contrasts with the polished concrete, whilst a prominent feature letterbox sits proud to announce the commencement of the steps down to a curved stone paved entry. Planting is a juxtaposition of species to flank the uneven ends of the broad steps. Plants flower seasonally to give a whimsical planting palette. Hardy succulents in striking greys act as accents with lush green perennials. The pathway is flanked by subtle lighting bollards to transform the space into the evening. The inner courtyard of the home was completely underutilised and being paved in concrete was an uninviting space. Retaining the clients mango tree, the space was completely repaved in a very structured way with rectangles intersecting. A mature Tallow tree was then planted to give necessary shade in the summer and also allow winter sun to enter the kitchen due to the east facing aspect. Lush green plantings of a few species only are juxtaposed in larger formats to create a very balance restful space. The service courtyard has now been screened off, the clothesline relocated here and the air conditioner units concealed. The rear landscape was a challenge to resolve. Living areas on both the ground floor as well as the new upstairs entertaining balcony all converge on the existing fibreglass pool. Being a kidney shaped pool flanked by a firm structure we went about designing a resort style space that needed to not only connect various access points to the space, but also needed to look striking when viewed from above. A spiral staircase connects the upper balcony to the pool area, with 365 degree views of the rear garden as you descend. We assessed the best way to accommodate all these factors and settled on a very curvilinear design with various materials linking together to identify and harmonise different zones.





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