Blue stone steppers  | Tim Davies Landscaping

Blue Stone steppers

Creating a path way that instantly evokes interest and a feel for adventure without making the space feel displeasing or cramped, can be a daunting thought for many. Organic blue stone steppers could be the answer as their fun yet sophisticated in form and a functional way to link destinations within the garden in an exciting manner.

This simple and versatile stone is a favourite here at TDL, we use it as pathways for side access points, alleyways down the side of the house and for thoroughfares that adjoin two destinations. Blue stone steppers are hard wearing and dense due to their formation process over millions of years, meaning they will not weather or age with time when exposed to people or natural elements. The large selection of shapes and sizes means they can be placed almost anywhere not just besides features, but among a sea of grass or in a “garden bed.

Being organic and unique in shape means that no two pathways or even steppers will be identical. Therefore, careful and thorough consideration needs to be given to the distance between two pavers, the layout, and the surrounding ground cover, otherwise an intriguing pathway can turn into an unattractive disaster.

Blue stone steppers running down a garden path.