An outdoor kitchen and barbecue in a large landscaped garden

Cooking outdoors

In Western Australia, we are lucky enough to live in one of the most versatile climates, meaning, for most of the year we can spend time enjoying the outdoors. So, whether you just want to “chuck a few snags on the barbie” or cook up a gourmet feast for family and friends, your outdoor cooking space needs to be cleverly crafted to accommodate the way you want to use it.

When developing a design for your outdoor cooking space, ask yourself, who will be using it, how will it be used and how often will it be used? The layout should be able to accommodate people standing, sitting and moving comfortably around the space without compromising the food preparation and delivery. The space should act as an extension of your home and have a seamless flow from inside to out. By choosing similar materials and furniture in your outdoor space ensures a cohesive relationship with the interior and ultimately compliments the overall aesthetic of your home.

Here are some popular choices of outdoor cooking options to include in your space;

Outdoor kitchens
Much more than just a BBQ, a fully equipped outdoor kitchen provides a whole new living and entertaining space. Depending on your lifestyle, budget and available space, your kitchen can be equipped with fridges, sinks, grills, range hoods, side burners and ovens, eliminating the need to even step foot inside the house during the warmer months. Mix and match island benches, tables, chairs, flooring and lighting to get that seamless look from inside to out.

These days, the range of barbeques available is vast and actually quite impressive. With a range of brands and styles, there really is a barbeque to suit every type of barbeque enthusiast for every occasion. Freestanding gas barbeques cater for a wide range of grilling needs. If style is your thing, you may opt for a twin or triple grill. For the heavy-duty users, the 6-burner might suit you better. If space is an issue, a portable electric barbeque may be the way to go. For the ultimate authentic BBQ experience, you can’t beat the smoky flavours of charcoal-fuelled grilling produced by portable picnic grills, webers, smokers and spit roasters.

Fire pits
Adding a fire pit is not only a great way to warm up your outdoor space in winter, it can also double up as a cooking alternative. Beyond roasting marshmallows, anything that can be grilled can potentially be cooked on a firepit. Fire pits are generally made from steel, cast iron or metal blends, and they can be wood or gas powered. From rustic and raw to polished and simple, there is a fire pit to suit every outdoor space.

Wood fire oven
Wood Fired Ovens have been steadily gaining in popularity for the past 15 years, and rightly so. Not only are they wonderfully versatile for cooking, they are a beautiful centrepiece for any outdoor space. They are an economical and efficient alternative to the traditional Aussie barbeque, requiring less maintenance and no cleaning! Wood fired ovens come in a range of various sizes, colours and finishes and offer DIY or Pre-Built options. The hardest decision though, will be what to cook first – pizza, chicken, roast, bread, fish?