three contemporary landscape design renders

Top 3 Landscape Design Trends Of 2021 So Far

Landscape design is always subject to the ebb and flow of taste and style, while our policy is to do our utmost to create timeless designs, it’s great to know what elements and themes people are looking to include in their gardens at any point in time. We’re very excited by some of the styles that have been increasing in popularity this year, here are a few that our clients have been loving in recent months!

Custom curvilinear concrete pools:

landscape design render of a blade shaped pool.

Concrete pools are regarded as a luxurious option and sought after in part because they can fit almost anywhere, and be shaped like almost anything. Pool designs that show off concrete’s paradoxical flexibility with completely custom, curvilinear designs are very much ‘in’ right now, and they’re particularly attractive when finished with tiles.


Organic mixed planting:

landscape design render of a front entryway with hardy cacti and palm trees.

Current tastes for planting have taken a turn for the diverse. More and more we’re seeing mixed & naturalistic plantings over the classical style of, pristine hedges and sharp edges. We’re seeing interesting mixes of colours and textures that are not quite what you would see in nature, but maybe in some fantasy version of nature. There’s an art to this style of planting, effortlessness is hard work after all.  Natives, succulents, and evergreen ornamentals are typically used in this style to get an eclectic, low maintenance, and robustly harmonious look.


Outdoor rooms: 

landscape design render of an outdoor room structure with green roof

Outdoor rooms are what you get when you create a space that is filled with amenities and soft furnishings and remove some of the walls. Usually, pool adjacent, secondary structures from the main residence, outdoor rooms are extremely luxurious spaces for entertaining. Many include a kitchen, fireplace, and dining or lounge area, making them great for everyday changes of scenery, or breaking out large gatherings into smaller zones. Outdoor rooms have been increasingly popular with the travel restrictions of recent times, we would speculate that is down to a combination of un-spent holiday budgets and the vacation feel they tend to evoke.

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