A relaxed, coastal landscape design, front yard and paving

Design Inspiration – Coastal Landscape

This month from Residential Design we’re taking a look at this relaxed, coastal garden landscape. With Rottnest vibes and wide-open spaces for entertaining and activities, this garden would make an ideal spot for a long weekend stay-cation. Complimenting the architecture of the home, this densely planted & hardy landscape is fresh and inviting.

A relaxed, coastal landscape design

The front entrance uses large drifts of coastal ground cover and trees to create a dense, hardy, and naturalistic effect. The layout delineates between the pedestrian and driveway entrances visually while connecting them structurally.

The front courtyard houses a cozy retreat. Shaded and surrounded by greenery, an ideal spot for a moment of peaceful privacy.

The rear garden is characterised by a wealth of positions for gatherings, entertaining, and lounging. An informal seating area around a fire pit contrasts with a more formal alfresco area. Every opportunity to green-up the boundary walls is used. While the garden has a spacious lawn, it is surrounded on all sides by functional and attractive pockets of greenery, including plenty of citrus trees.

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