A landscape design of a layered planting with monsteras and pale decking

Design Inspiration – Contemporary Courtyard

This landscape design project is a small space that packs a lot of luxury, greenery and comfort into a relatively small space. Featuring its own kitchen, floating concrete seating, and a mature tree planted in the middle of the home, this garden is an oasis within the home.

A carefully selected palette of tiered plantings agains a dark wall make the space feel like a lush and endless jungle. Every opportunity for planting is used. The rest of the space is finished in angular structures with welcoming tones and finishes. An elevated deck breaks up the space and creates separate zones for dining and relaxing.

The dark, modern features of the space are further balaced by the lighting choices and soft furnishings recommended by the designers. At night, the space makes the most of the surrounding windows, which will reflect the space back, extending it further and creating a magical effect.

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