Our Go-To Tips for Selecting Perth’s Best Outdoor Furniture and Fittings

We are so lucky to live in Western Australia, our climate and roomy residences allow many of us to exploit the luxury of outdoor living and entertaining throughout the year. Here, bringing the indoors out is a worthwhile project that can be completely life-changing. Our garden designs and renovations usually incorporate many of the comforts and fittings required to make outdoor spaces truly inviting, and we at TDL are uniquely positioned to provide advice on where to look when selecting furniture, fittings and more.

If you live in WA and are in the process of making selections for outdoor appliances and ornamentation, this list is for you. We have some incredible suppliers locally who can help you achieve the designer garden you’re aiming for. These are some of our favourite, most recommended suppliers and products for quality of design and make.

Outdoor Lighting

If you’re doing a design and construction project with TDL, we’ll make recommendations for small garden lighting elements when we’re in the final stages of the design. We most commonly use spike spot lights to highlight focal trees, and sometimes bollards and step lights where hazards need to be illuminated. We frequently use a variety of Hunza lights for these, purposes, but if you’re looking for more focal outdoor lighting elements like pendants and chandeliers, there’s a lot more to choose from. These are some of our favourite products and places to look.

  • Country house light fittings for courtyards and to make a statement. The folks at Barn lighting craft all their fittings in-house. Inspired by industrial warehouse chic, the gooseneck light is a versatile and stylish addition to most backyards and patios.
  • Hamptons style – Coco Republic has a good range of outdoor furniture and fittings, a particular favourite of ours is the Bodega Outdoor Pendant. This fitting can set off a Hamptons-style patio. They are finished in bronze and feature candlestick-style lamps.
  • Low-voltage festoon lights for a festive feel or special occasions. These lights are low-voltage and long-lasting if you purchase commercial-grade lights.
  • Garden Lighting Options – If you’re interested in exploring more outdoor lighting options, we recommend a visit to the Radiant Lighting website, we have a long relationship with them and their outdoor lighting range is extensive.

Lighting choices and configurations are limited only by your budget and your imagination.

Ceiling fans

Sometimes a fan on a hot summer’s night is all the breeze you need to stay comfortable. We regularly install fans in outdoor rooms and structures, and we’ve got our favourites. Big Ass Fans award-winning Haiku Fans are made to withstand moisture, sunshine and dust. They are made from premium materials, extremely energy-efficient, and beautifully designed. These fans are outstanding and, in our opinion, worth the fuss. You can check out the fantastic range on the Big Ass Fans website.

While Big Ass Fans offer the Rolls Royce option, Beacon Lighting have plenty of attractive and functional options that are easier on the budget.

Fire Pits and Fire Places

In the spirit of year-round outdoor living, many Perth households have embraced the firepit as a feature in their backyards and courtyards.  A firepit/conversation circle can be as simple or as involved as you like. Many people opt for a permanent, sunken setup involving retaining or formed concrete. Gas options for outdoor fires are available, but we find that people are more often attracted to old-fashioned wood fires. We frequently recommend our clients visit WG Outdoor Life for fire pits or Subiaco Restoration to explore the range of additional options available to them for outdoor heating.

It is important to check your local council for any restrictions on using firepits and fireplaces.  Generally, they are acceptable if they are fully extinguished at the end of the night, and you take care of where you position them and the fuel you choose to burn.

Lounge in style

Garden furniture design has long had a reputation for falling short under the constraints of the durability required to survive outside. Nonetheless, it has come a long way since the aluminium-framed glass-topped table and matching chairs of the 90s. The most appropriate outdoor furniture for your space will depend on a lot of factors, but if you’re dipping your toe in the world of designer outdoor furniture, these would be our first places to look.

  • If you’re looking for something extra special, Loam Furniture is worth a peek. Loam is situated in Claremont and has a delightful range of European-designed outdoor furniture, including one of our favourites, the Danish-designed Outdoor Nest, constructed from durable cane-line weave on an aluminium frame.
  • If you’re in the market for pool lounges, the Cosh Living Tosca lounge occupies a special place in our hearts. This luxe lounge would look good beside any swimming pool. Paired with a centre or side pole market umbrella, you can enjoy resort life without leaving home.
  • Cotswolds Furniture specialises in classic Cotswold Teak furniture, constructed from Burmese Teak, known for its exceptional durability and strength. Teak is often used in garden benches, tables and chairs. The sturdy timber construction means these pieces can be left outdoors all year round. They have showrooms in Brisbane and Sydney, but you can order from their extensive online catalogue as we have often done.
  • Patio & Balcony Outdoor Living are a local supplier of the colourful, durable and highly sought-after French furniture brand Fermob. The Fermob range is extensive, and they famously produce their pieces in a number of iconic colours. a three-seater lightweight woven furniture set available in an array of appealing colours.
  • Classic Teak Pool Chairs and matching tables can be found at Empire. Empire has several retail outlets in Perth. Teak is weather resistant and perfect for Perth’s harsh climate.
  • Along with outdoor cladding and paving materials, Eco Outdoor offers a very diverse range of luxe, durable outdoor furniture.
  •  A wide range of options are also available from Hartley’s Outdoor Living, whether your tastes are traditional, vintage or modern Hartley’s offer a range of products at both luxury and cost-effective price points. 

Procuring appealing, durable and effective outdoor furniture and fittings for your Perth garden is easier than ever, the tricky part lies in making the right selection. We hope this list helps you to find the style and quality of outdoor furniture and fittings your garden requires.

TDL’s residential landscape designers have been working with clients and suppliers in Perth for almost forty years.  If you’ve got an outdoor project and are looking for a more comprehensive overhaul of your garden, we are here to help.