A landscape design birds eye view of a modern traditional landscape

Garden Inspiration – Sorrento Landscape

This landscape design project prioritises the experience of viewing the garden from within the home. Plantings of varying heights and textures allow light to flow into the glass stairwell of this modern home, highlighting the structure of the space and treating anyone indoors to a lush, sculptural view that transforms as they ascend or descend the stairs.

Gardens are experienced from different angles by the inhabitants, by visitors and from the street, through different seasons and at different times of day. This design makes the most of the panoramic windows of this space by taking perspective into account. The design is a modern take on a classic. Stark white structures and pots mimic the architecture of the home. A palate of soft flowers and bold sculptural plants will transform throughout the year.

The views from this home’s large windows are transformed into artworks. The structure of the building allows for such placement, with opportunities for large sculptural elements built into the contours of the space.

From the exterior, the garden creates space and provides a level of privacy and shade, and enhances the architecture as seen from outside. As the garden outside grows, those who live in the home will have a front row-seat to its progress.

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