A mid-century style contemporary concrete home with a curved roof and thick green lawn

Garden Inspiration – Mid-Century Stirling

This elegant & understated property required a garden design to match. The home overlooks a densely planted slope featuring swathes of carefully chosen colours and textures. As the hillside grows in, it will form a soft and lush blanket of contrasting tones.

At the rear of the property is a manicured but welcoming space for living, a classic and well maintained lawn is bordered by walls that echo the architecture of the home, and separate the lawn from an elevated garden speckled with colour and variety. The foot of the elevated garden is set in crazy paving, which adds elegant natural variation and creates the illusion of the lawn and pavement melting together. Along the fence and throughout the garden are staples of the Australian family home, including a lemon tree, Tahitian lime, rosemary and other herbs. Dark fencing fades into the background, highlighting the rest of the garden while creating privacy for the window-clad home.

This home and garden are the embodiment of restraint in design. With its high fence and hillside positioning, the spectacle of this space is reserved mostly for the inhabitants. A floating concrete building in the modern style, the subtle luxuries and touches of this residence make it a welcoming home & garden with room for the inhabitants to breathe.

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