A landscape design render showing a large contemporary home with expansive tiered gardens

Landscape Design Inspiration – June 2021

In the Works – Tiered and Tasteful

The goal of this landscape design is in the integration and enhancement of the spacious contemporary structure at its center. Tying together the large home’s many distinct spaces, while offering privacy and softening the structures, a myriad of carefully complimented plant varieties turn the labyrinthine space into a series of exciting discoveries.

A landscape design render showing a large contemporary home with expansive tiered gardens

Every nook and cranny of this expansive manor is planted to creatively maximise utility, soften the space and create interest. A splash of colour in the planting turns the garden from austere to vibrant, one can imagine hosting lively parties of all kinds across the levels of the property.

The design incorporates a concrete pool with tropical, coastal designs and plenty of space for lounging and entertaining. Glass pool fencing preserves visibility to the pool and adds to the sense of a wide-open space.

In the works – Compact and High Impact

A landscape design render showing a contemporary concrete pool with stepping elements, seen through a large window.

Creatively fitting a pool and spa into a narrow area, this fun and contemporary stepping-stone design is sculptural and functional, bringing the WOW factor to the whole home. The stepping stones are especially lovely when viewed from inside the home, and turn the lounge area at the pool’s end into a solitary but inviting island.

The front of the home features a contemporary and subdued treatment. A series of large geometric steppers are inter-planted with soft creeping cover. White flowers soften the space, as do the hedges and grasses lining the otherwise sharp corners of the structures. Muted but high contrast fencing increases the impact of the planting.

Maintenance Showcase

A photograph of a heritage home with modern additions and a large lawn, covered in creeping vines and hedges.

These photos were recently taken at one of our design, construct and long-term maintenance projects. Time is landscaping’s secret ingredient, here are some side-by-side images of this garden when we visited it last week and when it was finished in late 2018. With the help of some TDL maintenance and the love and care of the clients, this garden has grown into the paradise it is today!

Over the course of its maturation, the colours and textures of the garden have come to life as intended. Sparse beds and bare trees (planted in winter) have filled out to provide a lush blanket of greenery. The filled out space also properly divides the distinct zones of the garden, granting an amount of privacy to the pond and seating areas.

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