A cottage style back garden with timber decking and rustic brick

Landscape Design Inspiration – November 2021

In the works – A Charming Nedlands Gem

This design proposes a complete overhaul of this charming home’s landscape. The design includes the front and rear gardens of the property, incorporating new fencing and paving at the front, creating a sense of arrival. A formal, symmetrical design at the property’s front highlights and compliments the architecture of the home.

a 3d render showing a landscaped front entrance

At the property’s rear, the new landscape design’s additions include an outdoor kitchen, pool, and basketball court. Placed carefully to accommodate the many features of the space, the design minimizes obstructions and maximizes functionality. The moated pool drastically reduces the need for fencing and preserves wide-open sightlines across the back garden.

A new pergola is a perfect space to take a break from the exertion of swimming, playing basketball and exercising, or to recline and relax while others make use of the space. A large patch of lawn and room for a fire pit further add to the backyard’s recreational possibilities.

This design is still in development, take a look at the current landscape design flythrough to see the full design.

Just Built – A Cottage Contemporary Retreat

This newly installed garden is a celebration of flowers and cottage-style finishes within a functional, contemporary framework. The design of the garden turns a once unwelcoming, out-of-the-way space into an inviting sensory delight. Overlooked by the property’s second-story living areas and balcony, it creates an eye-catching entertaining area and leaves plenty of open space for outdoor recreation. As the new garden grows, the already lush planting will overtake the archways and garden beds creating a rich flowering escape.

A cottage style back garden with timber decking and rustic brick

The screening at the garden’s rear has been carefully located to conceal a service courtyard, which is used for storage. A number of new screening plants have been incorporated in the design, with time the landscape will develop a colourful, lush canopy.

The space is broken carefully into distinct ‘zones’ without compromising sightlines and openness. The design also incorporates several existing mature trees, which will help to create a sense of establishment in the landscape.

A number of interesting ground covers and steppers are included to aid in creating the garden’s whimsical feel and to add texture, helping to distinguish between zones.

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