The Nedlands landscape after a small garden makeover.

Landscape Design Inspiration – October 2021

In the works – Modern Industrial Swanbourne Design

A landscape design render showing a new front entry and carport

This Swanbourne design works hard to resolve levels, create privacy, and enhance the beautiful home at its center with an eclectic, high-interest planting. Warm textures and mixed, rustic materials complement contemporary angles and structures, creating a landscape that is balanced, welcoming, and intriguing as well as practical and liveable.

A carport in keeping with the style of the home is integrated with the garden through the use of climbing plants. Level differences are resolved by breaking the space into zones, creating private areas for lounging at the property’s front garden. The design also makes the most of the sloping site by using the levels to create a sense of dense, lush greenery.

At the property’s rear, the new landscape design re-imagines an existing pool area to make better use of the space while enhancing its visual appeal. The design introduces decking and a hedge to separate the pool from the entertaining area and conceal the fence. The design improves visibility to the pool by descending the fencing while creating a clear visual path of connection between the spaces. The rear area also includes a new outdoor kitchen. See the full landscape design flythrough below.

Before and After – A Small Garden Renovation in Nedlands

The Nedlands landscape after a small garden makeover.

Here’s something a little different, this month we’re showing off the work of the small projects team! TDL’s small projects team gets involved in garden renovations that are simple enough not to require council approval. As you can see, these small projects can still make a big difference to the usability and appearance of a home.


This Nedlands landscape was in need of a refresh and tidy-up. With a charming home at its center, the garden was lacking in order and interest. A few visits from the small projects team resulted in a refreshed, tidy space without the need for extensive design or planning approval.

The team was able to bring the house out from hiding by removing a few of the unwanted plants obstructing access and sightlines. Replacing the turf, putting in edging and new garden beds with planting more in line with the tastes of the owner, the landscape brings out the character and quality of the home.

The lush, consistent planting adds seasonal appeal with a variety of flowering plants. The turf has become more usable space, and access around the side of the garden is improved with new bluestone steppers through the freshly mulched beds. This job is a perfect example of how much difference a relatively simple refresh of a garden can make.

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