A Mediterranean water feature flowing into a tiled concrete pool

Pools with Luxury Water Features

When it comes to building wow-factor into your landscape, few things are more impressive than luxe pool water features. What some people are unaware of is that water features include far more than just fountains and waterfalls.

When you’re designing your pool, you can go as simple or as excessive as you like. If you’re keen on water features the first rule is of course to choose what you like. If your new pool is concrete, your imagination is the limit when it comes to customisation. Let’s look at a few ideas for pools with water features that go a bit beyond the expected.

  1. Water Blades

Simple and contemporary, water blades are some of the easiest water features to get right. Sometimes called sheer descents, they produce a shimmering arc of water resembling a curved pane of glass. They meet the criteria of being both fun and stylish and represent a relatively simple addition (compared to some of the items on this list) that can elevate your pool experience dramatically.

A pool with a water blade

  1. Water Walls

Water walls are a popular style of fountain often seen standing alone in a landscape. The walls themselves can be textured, tiled, or styled however you like. If your pool is positioned/or going to be positioned in a tight spot along a wall, and you’re looking to liven up that wall while maximising your pool area, these can be a great option. They work particularly well if the design is attractive wet or dry, and when flanked by a style-appropriate planting.

water wall water feature

  1. Water Spouts and Scuppers

A relatively small option for water features, people often choose to use more than one spout or scupper in their landscape. When used in singles, they can also create an excellent impact but their placement and surrounds should be well considered. Spouts and scuppers can make good choices for landscapes/pools with a somewhat more rustic theme. Many scuppers and spouts are designed to suit traditional or Mediterranean gardens. The size and variety of spouts and scuppers available make them a flexible and restrained option to suit most styles.

water spouts

  1. Integrated Spas

Not technically a water feature but certainly a feature of a luxe pool, built-in spas are a good option for those looking to extend the usability of their pool. Built-in spas are a versatile addition to a pool. In renovations where the kids have grown out of the pool, these are particularly popular. Spas work well when designed to blend in with the pool, and if you’re upgrading an existing pool, we recommend taking the opportunity to revise the tiling and paving surrounding the pool as well, if necessary.

a tiled pool and spa

  1. Multi-tiered Pools

Not suitable for every landscape, multi-tiered pools are a particularly luxe option. They’re ideal for landscapes that are really flaunting it. Giving the impression of a large Mediterranean-style fountain, this TDL pool is a great example of how a multi-tiered pool can fit into a landscape and create a bold statement.

a multi-tiered mediterranean style pool

  1. Perimeter Overflow & Infinity Pools

In a perimeter overflow pool, the surface of the pool water appears as if it’s simply a flat sheet of glass. The perimeter is designed to that water can flow off of all the edges of the pool into a hidden slot or a catch basin that then recycles the water back into the pool. Infinity pools are similar, except they overflow only on one side, usually overlooking a view or level change.

a landscape design render showing an infinity pool and spa.

  1. Viewing Panels

This luxury feature is definitely unique, not especially common but when done well, viewing panels add a major wow factor to a pool. Pools with viewing panels are not always appropriate to the architecture or landscape and tend to work best when designed or at least considered in tandem with the design of the home. Viewing panels are essentially glass windows built into the sides of your pool, which allows a lot of natural light to flow into and through the swimming pool. For this to work at all, the pool must be elevated. If your landscape is looking to resolve a level difference, this can work exceptionally well. You can even choose to create an entire wall of the pool with a see-through acrylic panel. Not only does it allow light to flow into the pool, but it allows you to see everyone swimming, which can be great to keep watch of children.

  1. Stepping Stones

On occasion, the placement of a pool warrants the inclusion of stepping stones within the borders of the pool. These can make a very practical and attractive addition, and allow you to maximise the visibility of your beautiful new pool without compromising too much mobility.A concrete pool with stepping stones


  1. Creative Shaping

This is another non-feature feature, but if you’re installing a concrete pool it’s an extremely important consideration! Some of our most loved, most exciting pools are uniquely shaped. Whether it’s designed to creatively fit a tight area, or just for the impact, building a pool with an unconventional shape makes a big difference to your outdoor space. Custom shapes allow you to fit the pool with the landscape and vice versa, creating opportunities in the design process and giving the space a sense of harmony.

an apostrophe shaped concrete pool

What Are the Main Water Features for a Swimming Pool?

We mentioned some unique features in this article, if you’re looking for more information about simple water features, here are some of the basic types of water features that you can add to any swimming pool or spa area:

  • Waterfall. These are sometimes built with rocks or boulders and can look good with a more naturalistic design, this can also be a risky choice if not done well. Waterfalls are also designed in more contemporary styles, and are one of the more common water features found in a pool.
  • Fountain. There are numerous types of fountains, including floating fountains and spillover fountains. These can be a good option for Mediterranean and ornate-style gardens.
  • Sconce. This decorative item is attached to the walls of the swimming pool and pours narrow streams of water into the pool. They can be urns, vessels, architectural pieces, or custom shapes.
  • Spillover spa. These are usually custom-designed and located above the pool. They can either spill or trickle into the swimming pool.

There are many options at hand when it comes to your pool design, but one thing is certain: if you want a great-looking and fully functional, high-impact pool, don’t cut corners. Professional pool designers and builders like TDL can help you choose, design, and install something that is right for your backyard area that you’ll be able to appreciate and enjoy for many years to come.

Contact us today to learn more about pools with water features and get a quote for your backyard.