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Succulent bowls

A Succulent bowl can be a stylish design feature for your front entry or even your indoor living space. These plants are drought tolerant, easy to care for and provide a colourful, contemporary aesthetic throughout the year. Succulent bowls are also extremely functional as you can move them around if you want to change your home’s look or if your plants need more sunlight. When growing succulents remember to have fun and show some creative flair. Consider the following when planting your stunning assortments;

Colour & texture: There are a wide range of colours, tones and textures available so don’t limit yourself to the humble cactus. There are some stunning flowering varieties like Delosperma, Echeveria and Kalanchloe which can give your home bold splashes of pink, orange, red or yellow.  A mix of spikey, smooth, wavy, tall, short or cascading succulents provides a sculptured display of foliage.  Crassula undulata, also known as Jade plant, has a stunning wavy leaf that is great for borders and large containers. There are over four hundred species of succulents in Australia so the hardest thing will be limiting your selections to avoid a cluttered display.  Select complementary colours and keep your colour palette to only three tones for a contemporary style.

Planting & Care: Use a range of cuttings, they are easy to propagate and you can turn one plant into many. Snap off leaves attached to the main stem and leave the cuttings in a covered area to dry for 3 days so the ends form a callus. Wait for roots to appear and then plant away.

Succulents require minimal water and attention.  In winter only water when the soil is dry, this may be once a month but it will depend on your conditions.  In summer water every couple of weeks. You may choose to bring some of your succulents inside during winter as many don’t like the cooler temperatures.

Allow for adequate drainage by drilling a hole in your container and include stones at the base of the bowl.  Succulents love sunlight so consider this when choosing where your plants will live.  They don’t need a lot of fertiliser, so if you apply a slow-release fertiliser in spring it will maintain your succulent throughout summer.

Choose a theme; Modern Australian, architectural or contemporary creations may be to your taste.  Consider the overall look of your succulent display to give it uniformity. Choose interesting containers like painted bowls, recycled materials like timber antique boxes or a glass terrarium to add flair to your indoor or outdoor space. Stone or terracotta pots can be used if you prefer a more classic look.  Features like stones, crystals or decorative pebbles can enhance your visual display. Succulents are a fantastic plant to select when creating a vertical garden as they grow slowly and don’t require lots of water.  Nurseries sell vertical planting kits or you can make your own using an old picture frame, plywood and wire mesh. For a bold table, setting use a succulent bowl as a centerpiece.

Have fun and enjoy creating your succulent bowl.  Weave your tapestry of colour with nature’s little wonders

A succulent bowl in-situ.