A landscape design render of a blade shaped pool with crazy paving.

TDL’s Top 5 Luxurious Perth Homes & Gardens

Having been in the business of designing, building and maintaining landscapes in and around Perth for over 37 years, we’ve had the opportunity to be involved with hundreds of show-stopping projects. To share with you a taste of some of our favourite residential landscape projects, we’ve made a selection of super luxe homes and gardens from recent years. In no particular order, here are just a few of our most luxurious gardens and their beautiful homes.

Old Meets New in West Leederville

A landscape including a patio constructed at a Perth heritage home

This plush and welcoming garden is a careful blend of old and new. Rustic yet contemporary touches bring the space into the present, while acknowledging the history of the heritage home. The homey effect of the design subtly underplays the richness of the finishes and features. A contemporary concrete moated pool floats above the lower garden and fire-pit, while a character wooden fence combined with greenery provides the perfect backdrop to a custom corten and bluestone koi pond while complementing the architectural style of this client’s 1898 cottage home.

Multi-Level Mosman Bay Marvel

The street facing landscape of this mosman bay home.

This riverside balcony project makes the most of the multi-level home. Every outdoor space creates an opportunity for an oasis, and this home has several. Dichondra “Silver Falls” spills over a planter floating in a sea of Casuarina “Cousin It” on the terrace. In the kitchen courtyard, the garden provides an “additional pantry” with a variety of herbs. Mixed textures and shapes of plants creates a picturesque view to the pool area and the Swan River beyond. A narrow rear pathway is softened by lush hedges, offering a unique welcome to the imposing home. Each space is distinct yet harmonious, softening the stark concrete shapes of the structure.

‘Down South Vibes’ Coastal Cottesloe

Detail of coastal native planting Tasked with turning this surrounded Cottesloe home into a ‘down south’ hideaway, we filled the space with rustic touches, native plants and high-profile trees. A palette of green softens the entrance, featuring one of our favorites, the aptly named Casuarina “Cousin It”. A path of rustic, recycled railway sleepers leads to the deck at the rear of the property. Clusters of broad leaf paperbark surround the deck, eluding to the native bushland of the owners beloved second home in the south west region of Western Australia while providing shade and privacy from the neighbours. Natural stone steppers complete the journey through native ground cover to the secondary structure at the property’s rear.

Cool Dalkeith Pool & Landscape

A landscape design render of a blade shaped moated pool with crazy paving

An expansive landscape including a tennis court, lounge areas and a pool, this landscape has something to catch anyone’s eye, but it’s the pool that really steals the show. This incredible blade shaped pool is a unique and stunning addition to this backyard with clever internal seating spots to relax or socialise. Broken out from the rest of the garden by a hedged moat, this show-stopping pool is the crown jewel of this otherwise already regal space. This project has now been built, but it’s so freshly in the ground we haven’t photographed it. Take comfort in these design renders, and the knowledge that we’ll have photos too before long!

Landscape fitting for iconic Architecture

Front entrance and planter bowls with a mix of curves and corners.

The front garden renovation of this iconic house in Floreat was an exercise in balance and restraint. The design approach aimed to highlight key features and to resolve levels to create simple functional spaces that complemented the house. Using a simple palette of plants, the landscape complements the existing stone cladding and warm hues of the timber detail. Strategically placed Poinciana Trees frame focal spaces in the ‘simple’ layout, but this project was no small feat. Several mature tree transplants contribute to the comfortable, established look of the space, which gives off distinctive mid-century and southwestern vibes.