A large frangipani

The perfect frangipani

The frangipani tree is one of our favourites here at TDL. Their minimal root structure and lush foliage allows them to work well in most areas that receive sunlight.

Dense hedge planting, frangipani and citrus with weathered retaining walls


The frangipani’s location will determine the size of tree that is needed.  If it is required as a stand-alone feature then the scale of the tree would be larger than one that was placed amongst other planting.

When choosing a frangipani bigger is not always better. Sometimes the scale of the tree can completely over power the rest of the garden making it feel out of place. The key is finding the perfect balance which will create a harmonious landscape.


The position of the tree will effectively tell you what the perfect shape will be for your space. Different locations all require varying shapes, whether it is going against a wall, next to a pool or in a wide open space. One frangipani tree will not fit all spaces.

A lean in the tree will allow you to plant it close to the wall without breaking any branches. A full umbrella shape should be placed somewhere it can be admired from all angles.  A tall trunk and large branch structure would be perfect for providing shade. Placing this type in an area that people can sit under and utilise is ideal.


Not only does the tree offer a lush green foliage during the summer months, it also offers a stunning piece of artwork when the leaves have fallen in Autumn, displaying the unique branching structure.

Always make sure to look at the structure of the branches which make up the canopy of the tree, consider this for the varying seasons to ensure your selection is a focal point all year round.



There are many different types of frangipanis and choosing the perfect one for your space will depend on the site conditions and the style of the surrounding landscape.  Colour is one of the biggest visual differences between each type of frangipani. Knowing what colours work within the landscape, will ensure that your selection is in keeping with the theme and aesthetic of the landscape.