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Winter proof your outdoor space

As the unavoidable chill of winter sets in, there are several simple tasks you can undertake to ensure your outdoor living space “welcomes” the cold, rainy Winter weather.



A comfortable and durable outdoor setting with removable soft, cushion seating is ideal for any outdoor space. Textures and warm colours can be incorporated with cushions, throws and rugs to transform your alfresco into and inviting, cosy space even on the most dismal winters day.


A well-designed lighting plan will help to conquer the long, dark winters nights. The ray’s warm tones emitted from the lighting will create a snug and inviting space to draw you and out family outside. Strategically placing lights under feature trees and sculptures will highlight their beauty, visible from the comfort of your patio.


A source of heat in an outdoor space is as essential as a roof for when it rains. A fire pit emits an abundance of heat and warm natural light from the flames encouraging a toasty winter space. They come in a variety of styles and types from authentic wood, electric, gas and glass options Its perfect for any outdoor space. Just remember not to place and open fire under roofing unless an extraction fan installed above. Electric and gas heaters are an effortless solution, available in a variety sizes, shapes and styles. Usually quite compact, they can be incorporated into even the smallest of areas and in the warmer summer months, they can be move and stored out of sight. For something a bit extra, hydronic underfloor heating can be installed under stone or concrete for a comfortable even warmth.


We can all agree having just a roof over our head does not stop the draft of the crisp winters air through the alfresco. Consider adding blinds to the perimeter of the alfresco acting as temporary “walls” that can be adjusted depending on the weather. Binds also aid in securing warmth within the structure so the cost to run the heater will be reduced. They come in variety of styles meaning there is one for every budget.


With the cold air comes rain and wind carrying debris and leaves from trees and surrounding elements which ends up in our gutters. To avoid any “surprise” water falls from clogged drains and gutters, ensure all gutters around the alfresco (and the rest of the house) are cleared. This can be done by getting up on a ladder and removing it by hand, if you are not comfortable doing it yourself you can engage a gutter cleaning services.